Friday, February 03, 2017

Honeymoon trip @ Phuket

i was hoping for an Europe romantic honeymoon ever since i was a kid👼
a dream remains to be a dream
a romantic honeymoon in Europe will easily cost us RM 25K in total
without having to eat roti or dough for the whole week
hence, we have decided to go to Phuket in March 2016 and be luxurious a bit with Thai Baht 😇

the choice of hotel turns out to be not too bad 
one of them actually welcomed us with this 😙
(because i have requested for early check-in since this is a honeymoon trip)

 Our first dinner at Phuket and decided to be generous to ourselves by ordering a lobster! 
it really tasted yummy despite of not having a scenic view in front of us
what we have is nice food and each other😋😊

Since we are only at Patong Beach for one night, how can we miss any show there
content of Fantasea should be richer and more entertaining
however the price of the show also quite costly
since we are not a big fans of musical
we have decided to go with Simon Cabaret after much review and research 
which was supposed to be done by Mr. Koo

Our sunset dinner with amazing view from our dining table

Mr Koo acting macho 😁

 one last picture before the Sun off duty for the day 

I really love this banana pancake so much 
too bad Mr Koo did not enjoy this as much i did 

we bought a half-day package to have some "island hopping" and snorkeling around Phuket
the "island hopping" simply means, tourguide will show us a few island from the speedboat 
without letting us to go off the boat
we had a hilarious tourguide with super high pitch voice
he is pretty entertaining yet kind of annoying 

a picture speaks a thousand words and i have a few here 😜

One of the best and colorful view we had
enjoyed the breezy afternoon after lunch with hubby

Us in one of my favourite couple T 😍

Recap of year 2016

I know it is kinda late to do this, but i think this is rather important to send off 2016 in a nice way and for a better future building of myself.

We welcomed the year of 2016 as husband and wife. 💖 #mrmrskoo

Of course not forgetting to celebrate the new year with all our jimuis and hengdais who had been very helpful during our wedding ceremony. Too bad, not everyone can join us in KL and we managed to gather half of the gang 😁 Food, drinks, booze, gaming session throughout the whole night.

Guess what happened next? We went to gym with TC to shake off some fats and calories intake we had the night before.
Mr Koo acting to be Arnold at the back while TC working very hard to run on a treadmill. 😆

It was my first year of not celebrating CNY with my parents and sister because i am married to Mr Koo. It was a mixed feeling because while i feel the warmth of the Koo's but i still misses the movie marathon days and doing nothing but window shopping the whole day with my sister. Having said that, i also have stepped on a brand new journey and way to celebrate CNY in 2016.

We kicked start the year of Monkey with fireworks and temples visiting around Penang island. It was rather new experience for me, because i have been staying home all my life after reunion dinner with family.

Anyway.. the most interesting part was the bunch of people we went around to visit the temples with, they are fun and brought a lot of laughter along the way.

 Random girls' outing with SJJJ gang and followed by Japanese food restaurant. It has been a long while since we last meet outside of office. 💕 The friendship i treasured the most in my company.

Our first trip of the year as hubby and wifey in March - we went to Phuket for our honeymoon trip! 

 Trying bingsu for the first time after i keep nagging him for months! 😜

Our long awaited Cameron weekend getaway and first time visit to Boh Tea Garden, which turns out to be a good place with beautiful view

Our second trip of the year @ Kundasang! Lovely place with breezy days and nights. A good place to go but do not expect much entertainment or night life around. It's simply for relaxing and chilling tourist spot.

In terms of work, organized a series of event for CNY campaign in 2016, including a grand finale event to reveal who's the grand prize winner!

Me with the kick ass bosses whom i learnt a lot from.

Consider myself achieved a big milestone in 2016 by getting something i did not expected! 😂 Everything seems to be good in the year 2016 and looking forward to a challenging 2017 with new colleague on board and tougher market out there. 🙋

It feels good to be back

it has been a while....
it took me years to look for the old login ID and all...
but it's all worth it...

i used to like writing nonsense, my feelings, my life throughout my uni life or partime days during uni days... most of the friends seem to stop blogging after graduated from uni..

but all these are memories that i used to treasure a lot and i still am, just that they are being hidden inside somewhere in my heart
<3 p="">
guess it's time to pick up the writing habit again, just to releases some inner thoughts and documenting them somewhere for older me to look back old memories..


Saturday, November 26, 2011

my Soh Lou & me :)

Our iphone casing

My birthday pressie

The moon that we can see.. though we are 300 over kilometers apart :)

I feel blessed that I met him at the right time
when i needed support the most, he is always there
even though he tends to be "uncle" a bit and be naggy
but I know he care about me..
just like how naggy I am to him :P

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So Long....Heinz

Isk, Nini, Jane, Jessie, Leng, Sandee, William

i have been with Heinz since the day i have started my internship with them
It's almost two years i have been with the company and i am going to say good bye to the company and to all my dearest colleagues..

It's really hard for me to say goodbye, especially to the few of them that has such a strong bond with me since the day i have joined the company.
First person would be my bestie in the company, Ms Mak, but i prefer to call her "Ah Leng". She called me the same name as well. :) this is our way to address each other everywhere since some time last year i guess?! She is an awesome mom with two kids and i love listening to her kids' stories a lot ^^ she has a really warmth and happy family! :D i am glad that Ah Leng is stand by me, almost everytime i need advice, help and support. I remembered how touched i was when she is offering me her help when i really needed some moral support! thanks Ah Leng! i feel honored and glad to know you as my colleague and friend! I hope you are not too bother with my bombastic family stories and boring stories from time to time throughout this two years.

The next person would be my boss, Nini. I still remember how she had stood by me when i cried the first time in the office after talking to one of the customers we have! It was a long-winded uncle who intend to vent his anger on me when i called him the first time. She was my boss since day 1 i have joined Heinz family until the day i leave the company. i am glad that i was able to help her when the company only left like 3-4 persons in Msia office when there are 2 PMs leaving the company within 3 months without any immediate personnel replacement. I did learn a lot here n there throughout the months that we have been through.

Jessica, or we called her "Dai Gar Jie" would be the next person who i really feel thankful to have her around when i was in Heinz. She is such a great and experienced marketer that she will be able to analyze things in a greater picture and i am always amazed by her ability of doing that. For the past few months, i have learnt a lot from her, especially when she handed over the social media project to me when the project has launched 6 months ago. I like having discussion with her on her thoughts and comments whenever i sent her some proposals or my small thoughts on the issue or matter to be shared on the FB page or etc. Thanks Jessica for all the guidance you have given to me.

Jane, who joined us a little bit later (end of last year) has enlightening me a lot on her expertise - trade marketing. Honestly, i think i will never know what's this side of stories if she have never join the company and Heinz is not hiring one that time. I thought that was only marketing and i have expected that trade marketing is something different and yet difficult for a marketer to handle if you do not have a strong background on the trade and all. She is definitely a doctor for many things in the office - from personal life, love life, and even work life. she is always able to provide some great advice and manage to console people using her jokes and laughs.

i am so gonna miss the cari makan gang that we have and i really hope that i am still one of the gang member even though i am no longer with the company! it's great to have known all of you and i will definitely treasuring the friendship that we have (at least this is what i have in my mind).

Hopefully i will be having a good start with the new company and new colleagues soon! i knew that it's not possible for me to stay in Heinz forever with you all but i do know that it's possible for us to remain our friendship forever and ever!

Can't wait for next month's gathering to celebrate Nini's birthday together as well as the January CNY cooking workshop! :) i am also expecting our cari makan outings!! ^^

Take care everyone! Hugs~

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Myanmar Trip

Sky view of Yangon from the plane
Love the greenish land even before landing..
It's very greeny here!! ♥

it's breezy and yet hot here...

pretend to be macho =.=

owhhh... is that double chin? :O

this is actually being displayed at the restaurant
the most natural and cheap skin care products available in Myanmar

women in Myanmar all have Tanaka applied on their face
To apply the Tanaka, you will have need water and the piece of Tanaka wood as above.
Basically i find that Myanmar people don't have much pimples!
i wonder if this Tanaka is the main reason....

biggest tree that i have ever see so far...

neighbourhood that we passed by on the way to the factory

Corn planted in Myanmar is different from Malaysia!
it has a mixture of colors - black & yellow

when we stopped by for a while, this cow is pee-ing next to our Van!

the most common vehicle that you can see everywhere in Myanmar

there are many carriages with horse everywhere!

my joker bf is playing with this thingy at the mini
playground behind the restaurant we went to at Yangon. LOL

there's one street full of people sitting down by the roadside and working on some stones
Don't think the blackie stones are useless
because you'll never know until you have done something on it!

this resort is very nice and breezy :)