Friday, February 03, 2017

Honeymoon trip @ Phuket

i was hoping for an Europe romantic honeymoon ever since i was a kid👼
a dream remains to be a dream
a romantic honeymoon in Europe will easily cost us RM 25K in total
without having to eat roti or dough for the whole week
hence, we have decided to go to Phuket in March 2016 and be luxurious a bit with Thai Baht 😇

the choice of hotel turns out to be not too bad 
one of them actually welcomed us with this 😙
(because i have requested for early check-in since this is a honeymoon trip)

 Our first dinner at Phuket and decided to be generous to ourselves by ordering a lobster! 
it really tasted yummy despite of not having a scenic view in front of us
what we have is nice food and each other😋😊

Since we are only at Patong Beach for one night, how can we miss any show there
content of Fantasea should be richer and more entertaining
however the price of the show also quite costly
since we are not a big fans of musical
we have decided to go with Simon Cabaret after much review and research 
which was supposed to be done by Mr. Koo

Our sunset dinner with amazing view from our dining table

Mr Koo acting macho 😁

 one last picture before the Sun off duty for the day 

I really love this banana pancake so much 
too bad Mr Koo did not enjoy this as much i did 

we bought a half-day package to have some "island hopping" and snorkeling around Phuket
the "island hopping" simply means, tourguide will show us a few island from the speedboat 
without letting us to go off the boat
we had a hilarious tourguide with super high pitch voice
he is pretty entertaining yet kind of annoying 

a picture speaks a thousand words and i have a few here 😜

One of the best and colorful view we had
enjoyed the breezy afternoon after lunch with hubby

Us in one of my favourite couple T 😍

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